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Red Pepper Tomato Soup & Sprouted Grain Zucchini Bread

So I have all of these vegetables – in my garden and in my kitchen just being asked to be cooked and eaten! On Saturday, my husband took the boys out to lunch while I was at a health coaching event, a Health & Beauty event at a local Boscov’s department store. I came home […]

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Scratch Challenge – Beans

Starting this month, I am going to challenge you to make a new food at home that you would usually buy at the store. We’ll explore how to create food and what you can use it for. This month I challenge you to make beans at home.

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Watch This:

Food Fight Did you know that when you walk into a grocery store, you are not being presented with the widest choices of healthy foods? Did you know that much of what you see in the grocery store is a result of corporate forces manipulating the shelves and stocking them with processed, highly-marketed junk food? […]

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Gluten-Free Skillet Pizza

Have you recently been told you need to stay away from gluten and wheat products? Are you just in need of a healthy weeknight meal? Why not try this gluten free skillet pizza? It is quick and you can customize it to whatever toppings you have in your kitchen. We break this recipe out every […]

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June Coaching Sale

Did you hear? All coaching programs are on sale for the month of June. That means until June 30, if you sign up for coaching, you can get a 40-50% discount.  I just launched some specific programs that I am really excited about and I want to celebrate the launch of these programs with you!

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Meet This Mom

As a reoccurring feature, I am highlighting each month a mom who is health-minded and doing her best to raise healthy kids! There are so many inspiring moms out there doing great things!  This month I introduce you to Katy from Exeter, PA. She is a mom of two boys. Continue to read more about […]

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