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Food Fight Did you know that when you walk into a grocery store, you are not being presented with the widest choices of healthy foods? Did you know that much of what you see in the grocery store is a result of corporate forces manipulating the shelves and stocking them with processed, highly-marketed junk food? […]

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Lemon Scallion Hummus

Oh I love hummus. I try to make it every week or every other week. I go in waves though. I am a person of habit. If I like something, I eat it over and over again! Yesterday I cooked some garbanzo beans and decided that I would use them to make hummus. I tend […]

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Meet this Mom

As a reoccurring feature, I am highlighting each month a mom who is health-minded and doing her best to raise healthy kids! There are so many inspiring moms out there doing great things!  This month I introduce you to Lindsay from Altoona, PA. She is a mom of a little girl. Continue to read more […]

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Sushi Bowl – Dinner Idea

Need an idea for dinner? Don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Try a sushi bowl.  I came up with this idea one Sunday when I was in need of dinner and I was so in the mood for sushi. We’ve made sushi at home before, but the idea of rolling […]

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Simple Lentil Tacos

Yesterday was taco day in our house. I love taco day. Not only are tacos one of my favorite foods, but everyone in the house eats tacos. No arguing from the 4-year old. No throwing food on the floor by the 18-month old (at least not because he doesn’t like it). We just LOVE tacos. […]

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