READ/WATCH THIS: keep your greens from going bad!

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Great post from Elizabeth at Whole Living Blog with some smart tips on how to keep your greens fresher longer!

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WATCH THIS: Robyn O’Brien on allergies & our food supply today

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Watch, watch, watch this. How our food is causing ALL of these allergies so prevalent in our world today.


Healthy soil and nutrition in baby food

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I just read an article titled, “Growing Pains: Baby Food Brands Lack in Key Nutrients, Study Finds.” The article states that the leading commercial baby food brands are lacking in some major nutrients. The study did not name the brands, but chose samples from 4 popular baby food brands. The bottom line of the article is that babies who get all of their nutrients from these baby foods could be in store for some developmental and health issues.

Although I make my baby food, I can understand why some do not. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but it takes planning and a little bit of time.

Image: Simon Howden
But the main thought I had when I read this article is of the baby food companies who will respond to this report and “fix” their products. Instead of sourcing ingredients that are actually full of these nutrients naturally, most likely they will look to labs to add in these nutrients one at a time. Conventionally produced fruit and vegetables don’t have the nutrients that the organic counterparts do because the soil they are being grown in is nutritionally deprived. When a little seed sprouts in the ground to develop into a plant, where do you think they get the building blocks to get bigger? The soil. If you don’t have healthy soil, you don’t have healthy plants. If you don’t have healthy plants, you don’t have healthy people. PERIOD.

What else do you want to talk about? The use of chemical pesticides in conventional farming decreases the quality of the soil. No good.

For a little more from a founding father of the organic movement, look to Rodale for a history of how J.I. Rodale sought out information about how the health of soil affects all else.

Bottom line. Eat food that is healthy to make you healthy. And right now in the state of food in America, that is ORGANIC.

Now to a neat video by a little girl, demonstrating her finding between conventional & organic: