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As a reoccurring feature, I am highlighting each month a mom who is health-minded and doing her best to raise healthy kids! There are so many inspiring moms out there doing great things! 

This month I introduce you to Katy from Exeter, PA. She is a mom of two boys. Continue to read more about her!

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Meet This Mom: KatyKaty

This months mom is Katy from Exeter, PA.
She is the mom to 2 boys, a 4 year-old and an almost 2 year-old.

Tell me about your journey. How did you get interested in healthy living?

Katy: I started noticing that I was tired and sluggish a lot and I started to realize that even though I thought I was eating healthy when I actually wrote down what I had to eat each day I was basically eating only starches.  I started slowly by just eating a piece of fruit mid morning and I realized I felt better in the hours that followed.  I continued to add more healthy items to my day by just doing salads for lunch most days and overall incorporating more vegetables and fruit in my daily routine.  Once I was married and living in my own home I realized that I had the power to do all of the meal planning and I became excited to provide my family with healthy choices. (If I don’t buy chips for the cupboard my family won’t turn to chips as a snack!) I started to read in magazines and see on TV options of healthy foods that I had not known about before and I just added them to my family’s lifestyle.

What were you like before you “got healthy”?

Katy: I used to eat whatever said “low fat” or “non fat” I never cared about what was in the food, I just ate whatever was available and tasted good.  A normal lunch for me would be crackers and ramen noodle soup with soda and some sort of tasty cake and I would eat food like that every day or every other day.

What does living healthy mean to you?

Katy: I think living healthy means that you are happy with how you feel overall, you are happy with your physical body as well as your mindset.  I believe that you get to a happy state by putting good, REAL, food into your body and I feel that daily exercise is a big part of feeling healthy also.

Where do you buy your food? (grocery store, farmer’s market, health food store, etc.)

Katy: I try to buy my food locally. I love local stands or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) foods — find a CSA near you — and I prefer to buy meat from a local butcher.  Sometimes I get too busy to make it to the farm stands and then I end up at the grocery store, but when I can I go to the small local stands or country stores.

What are some of your children’s favorite snacks?

Katy: My kids love hummus or ranch dip with carrots sticks and broccoli and they love goldfish crackers.  They also love ice water and homemade popsicles.  My kids love greek yogurt, sometimes we have some sprinkles on top or granola for an extra special treat.

What are some of your families favorite dinners? 

Katy: My family always loves when we have homemade turkey meatballs, I like to chop up broccoli, carrots, or any other veggies I have and I add them into the meatball.  We are also a sloppy Joe family. I make my own sauce and I either use turkey or chicken and a lot of times the kids just eat the meat without a roll.  We also love breaded green beans we call them green French fries.  Also, even though it isn’t a dinner, we love our homemade Gatorade, we mix real orange juice with coconut water and chia seeds, it is a great hydrator!

Do you have tips for getting a picky eater (adult or child) to eat healthier foods?

Katy: My kids do not get any snacks for 2 hours before dinner. When I make dinner, I always have fresh veggies and hummus or ranch dip out for them to pick at, that way I don’t have to worry too much about what vegetables they eat at dinner.  I cannot feed my kids salad (they say only grown ups eat salad) so we call it bunny food. I keep each part of the salad separate and let them dip in the salad dressing.  

I also freeze grapes and only give them the frozen ones as a special treat.  I have made ice water a special drink because they get to choose how many ice cubes they want or if they want crushed ice (or frozen grapes in the water).  I have also juiced carrots and added carrot juice to apple juice to bump up the amount of veggies they eat.  Sometimes I give my kids their food with a toothpick stuck in each piece so it is more fun to eat.

What is the hardest part about raising healthy kids?

Katy: I think it is hardest when you are around unhealthy kids and your children see bad habits and you have to explain to your child why they cannot eat or drink what they see one of their friends eating/drinking.

What is the best part about raising healthy kids?

Katy: Being able to eat what they eat!  Knowing that you are preparing them and creating habits that will hopefully stay with them for their entire life.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Katy: In our society it is easy to feed your family unhealthy food because that is more accessible, but overall if you can make an effort to give them real food it is worth it.  Everyone is going to have slip ups, my child gets pop tarts when we go on vacation, but I know that overall he eats healthy so I let it slide and I have learned not to worry too much!

Are you a mom who is focused on raising healthy kids? Want to be featured here and share your tips? Contact me!

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